THE ROCKIN' ROMANTIC - BRAND NEW TITLE on 180g LILAC Vinyl. A Limited Edition of just 200 numbered copies


Fast Side
Dirty, Dirty Feeling • Girl Next Door Went  A 'Walking • Such A Night • Shoppin' Around • Trying To Get To You • I Feel So Bad • In Your Arms

Slow Side
First In Line • Starting Today • No More • Angel • I Met Her Today • Fountain Of Love • Because of Love

BEACH BOY BLUES - NEW TITLE on 180g Azure Blue Wave Vinyl. A Limited Edition of just 200 numbered copies

Featuring more classic Elvis recordings from 1961.

Side One: Blue Hawaii /  Ito Eats / Hawaiian Wedding Song / Island Of Love / Steppin' Out Of Line / Almost Always True / Moonlight Swim

Side Two: Can`t Help Falling In Love / Beach Boy Blues / Rock A Hula Baby / Kiss Me Quick / That's Someone You Never Forget / I'm Yours / (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame / Little Sister

NASHVILLE CITY LIMITS - NEW TITLE on 180g RUBY RED Vinyl. A Limited Edition of just 200 numbered copies

Few rooms in the music world have seen as much history as RCA’s Studio B in Nashville.  Steve Sholes, RCA’s head of Country recording since the late 1940s, had signed Elvis Presley to the label in November 1955.  Elvis’ success helped Sholes and guitarist-producer Chet Atkins to convince their bosses that RCA needed its own studio in Nashville.

Studio B opened in November 1957.  Soon thereafter, Sholes and Atkins, along with Owen Bradley and a few other Nashville producers, responded to the rock & roll insurgence by beginning to make records in a smoother, more pop-influenced style, often employing string and horn sections and background singers – not to mention an A-list of core musicians.  This so-called Nashville Sound resulted in many crossover hits and helped establish Nashville as one of the nation’s premier recording cities.

(Liner notes by Joe Krein)


Side one: I Want You, I Need You, I love You • Money Honey • I Was The One • A Fool Such As I • Ain’t That Loving You Baby • Soldier Boy • It Feels So Right

Side two: Dirty, Dirty Feeling • The Thrill Of Your Love • The Girl Next Door Went ‘Walking • Working On A Building • In Your Arms • I Want You With Me • Starting Today